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Fun Things to do in Austin

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Once we make the decision to start our recovery, we might soon start getting some resentments that revolve aroundcan’t have this, not supposed to do that, got to go to meetings, supposed to call my sponsor, etc.’ What we want to realize that recovery is not about deprivation, but it is all about ‘living life.’

When we finally realize that we must stop our destructive behaviors, basically what happens is that we have created a vacuum, a hole where our addictive behaviors resided. One of the basic laws of the Universe, is that Nature abhors a vacuum. Therefore, if we do not fill up that vacuum with something healthy, we will soon find ourselves acting out those previous destructive behaviors and/or our addictive nature will find some other obsession to attach to. One of the first things that our sponsor asks us to do is to come up with healthy activities that we enjoy and to fill that vacuum.

The program also teaches us that we were trying to fill a ‘God size hole’ with so many destructive, obsessive, and demoralizing behaviors. I agree that the program is a Spiritual Program, we hear it all throughout our literature; we want to implement a spiritual practice into our daily life, but as I said before, we do not want to start resenting our recovery program, especially our Spirituality…it’s all about living life.

So, having said that, what can we do? Let me give you some suggestions about some fun things you can do in Austin… (some have cost associated with them)

1. Go for a run/walk along the Greenbelt

2. Go biking or hike a trail along Lady Bird Lake

3. Visit the Zilker Botanical Gardens

4. Visit the Austin Zoo or the Austin Aquarium

5. Go to the many Museums in Austin

6. Visit an art gallery

7. Go on the Austin Art Walk tour

8. Go on the Austin Ghost Walking tour

9. Visit St. Mary’s Cathedral

10. Take a walk around the UT Campus

11. Tour the State Capitol

12. Take the City Quest Scavenger Hunt

13. Try out one of many escape rooms in Austin – they are really fun!!

14. Join a sport league like softball, volleyball or frisbee golf

15. Enjoy a sunny day at Barton Spring Pool

16. Invite your friends to hang out in one of many restaurants/food trucks in Austin

There are many more fun things to do in Austin, some are free, some are not, but remember the point of recovery is to live and enjoy life. It does not mean that we ignore what we know works in our recovery (i.e. going to meetings, working with our sponsor, calling people from the program, going to therapy, focusing on our self-care, etc.) It’s about balance, it’s about discipline, it’s about priorities, it’s about creating a lifestyle that includes recovery, family, work, spirituality, self-care, and fun.

So, Live Life and Enjoy!!

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