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Couples Therapy

Counseling for all couples who want to improve their Intimacy & Communication

Something has happened to your relationship and you've started drifting apart. Sometimes rushing into a relationship, poor communication skills, financial hardship, or a recent upsetting discovery such as an affair often disrupts the couples' relationship and creates conflict between partners.


Couples nowadays hardly have time for each other, because either they're too exhausted from work or they feel trapped by their newfound relationship, that they start having arguments or drift apart. They become roommates instead of lovers. At times, couples become dissatisfied with their relationship and start looking for companionship and appreciation from others, sometimes leading them to be unfaithful to their committed partner.


This first thing couples must ask themselves is…"are we committed to working on the relationship?"  If the answer is "yes"...then you are ready to start couples counseling.  The journey is long and challenging, and I will assist you in sorting things out.  If your commitment prevails, you will start seeing changes in yourself and in the way that you relate and communicate with your partner.

One of the issues that we will address during couples counseling is helping each of you express your needs, thoughts, and feelings without blaming. I will also assist you in improving your communication skills as well as your ability to listen attentively and respond without becoming defensive. Together we will discuss your differences of opinions and formulate a mutually agreed compromise.

Attachment Style

Our attachment style is created in early childhood and continues to develop throughout our adulthood.  The way that we were nurtured and cared for from our caregivers in our childhood significantly affects how we relate to others in our adulthood.  It is important to recognize our attachment style to determine our strengths and weaknesses in our relationships. 


To find out your Attachment Style and the way that you relate to others in the context of relationships, please take the following online assessment questionnaire (option B): 



"The purpose of a relationship is not to have another who might complete you, but to have another with whom you might share your completeness."        

~Neale Donald Walsch

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LGBTQ Affirmative Therapy

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